Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AUAB Spotlight: Benny Laitman !

Hailing from Great Neck, NY, Benny is a rising Senior in the College, double majoring in Anthropology (Human Biology Concentration) and Biological Basis of behavior. Benny is currently submatriculated into the M.S. program in Physical Anthropology, but later hopes to get an MD/PhD in Neuroscience (Benny likes school—weird). Besides being UAS President, Benny is President of the BBB Society, and concentrates heavily on his research in how Post-traumatic Stress Disorder affects sleep. Benny hates long walks on the beach (he has red hair and gets burned easily) but loves Indian food and Sushi. He is a Star Wars and Scrubs freak, and admits to have stolen (but returned all unharmed) some teeth from room 330.

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