Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Call for Submissions! In Situ: Penn's Official Undergraduate Anthropology Journal

Anthropology Students:

In Situ: Penn's Official Undergraduate Anthropology Research Journal is currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2009 issue. We are an undergraduate-run journal that publishes a variety of works from fellow students here at Penn. We will consider all anthropology-related work, and encourage papers written for Anthropology courses from the previous school year. This is an exciting opportunity for undergraduates to get published. Further, the editorial board will vote on the best submission, which will be honored within the anthropology department.

Papers can be from any subfield of anthropology: reports of empirical research, ethnographic research, or a synthesis of previous literature in any anthropology-related field. There is no restriction on theme, format, or style.

Please email a electronic copy of your paper to: PennUAS@gmail.com

First round deadline: September 20, 2009

We look forward to reading your submissions!
In Situ Editorial Board
[Undergraduate Anthropology Society]

Questions should be addressed to the In Situ editorial board at PennUAS@gmail.com


To submit a paper for consideration, the author must be an undergraduate student here at the University of Pennsylvania. Authors must also agree to have their papers reviewed by a faculty member who has overseen the original research or can vouch that the research published is without breach of scientific intergrity or honesty.

Professor Review
As students must have a faculty member or instructor from their institution sponsor their submissions, the In Situ editorial board will assist in finding an appropriate sponser in cases where the author has not been directly overseen. Sponsers must be professors who can certify that they have overseen the research by the author, and/or that the research is in keeping with scientific integrity and honesty, and is of publishable quality.

Selection Process
The In Situ editorial board gladly considers all papers relating to any anthropology-related field. However, due to printing constraints - only the highest quality papers we will be selected. The board will determine this through an internal vote, as well as consultation with professors knowledgeable on the topics of the papers. All authors are encouraged to apply; however, even individuals whose papers are selected must be willing to work with the editorial board to polish the papers and potentially shorten it to a length acceptable for printing. For longer papers, the full version can be published in the online edition of In Situ.

Formatting Guidelines

Your submitted article should include all of the following sections:

Title Page This should include the title of the work being submitted, the author's name, and contact information (email and phone number)

Abstract (up to 250 words)

Body 7-10 pages max. Please note that if your paper is longer than 10 pages, still submit it, and the editors will work with you to cut it down.

References You must include a references list in APA style web form. For more information on APA style, please visit their website:apastyle.org.

The first round deadline for the Fall 2009 issue is September 20, 2009 at 11:59 pm.

Additional Questions?
Please contact us at PennUAS@gmail.com with any questions on formatting, topic guidelines or any other concerns.