Thursday, January 29, 2009

Department Research Fellowship Meeting - Feb 2!

Dear Students,

Interested in pursuing research? Interesting in funding? Here is an exciting, new opportunity for you!

The Anthropology Department will have a one-hour long faculty/undergrad meeting on Monday, Feb 2 at 12:00 in room 345 in the Museum.
Anthropology Faculty will be speaking about possibilities for short-term individual anthropological undergraduate research. Faculty (in consultation with interested undergrads) will have the opportunity to apply for the Departmental
Research Fellowship. This competition-based fellowship will help to cover the costs of undergraduate research.

Furthermore, research fellows will have the opportunity to present their research findings atan annual undergraduate research workshop.

For more information, please attend the meeting on Monday. It is an important first step to applying for the funding. We look forward to seeing you!


the AUAB