Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey Fellow Anthropology Majors!

This email is to let you know about what we have planned for the Thesis Workshops. Last time we had a great turnout, so we're excited to get things moving!!! We've also got some meetings that you just can't miss, especially since Spring Break is 5 WEEKS AWAY! Here's the Schedule:

This Friday (1/30): No Workshop

Friday 2/6: THESIS BOOTCAMP - Find out what you need to do to get your thesis done! Come in whatever you have, and get advice from the experts about where you need to go, and how.

Friday 2/20: Literary Framework and Review - Talk with professors and students about who you're using for your literary framework. What theories are you covering? Who else should you read? How can you apply it to what you've observed?

Friday 2/27: Analysis and Discussion - How do you analyze your notes/interviews/observations? Learn how to synthesize what you've found and turn it into an argument.

Spring Break

Friday 3/20: Crisis Resolution/How to Write - Come in and get the kinks worked out. Is there something you're stuck on? Are you getting writers block? We'll take care of it!

Friday 2/27: TBA. So email us about what you want think you'll want help with!

As of right now, the location is the Anthropology Lounge. Possible alternatives are the Philomathean Society room in College Hall. We'll keep you posted. (Remember that Workshops are from 1-3 pm.)

So get to work!!! Let's all try and get done before Senior Week, so that we can PLAY!!!

Have a great week! See you on the 6th!

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