Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congratulations New * AUAB * Board

The Anthropology Undergraduate Advisory Board (AUAB) would like to congratulate the newly-elected board for Spring 2009! Elections were held during our Reading Days Brunch on December 9th, and we thank those of you who came out to chat, relax and munch on bagels and coffee cake with us!

So here is your NEW AUAB Board:

Benjamin Laitman, Chair
Lauren Kapsalakis, Vice Chair
Amber Weekes, Co Chair of Events/Publicist
Rachel Higgins, Co Chair of Events/Publicist
Katharine Seeger, Thesis Committee Chair
Brandi Waters, In Situ Journal Committee Chair

(Leadership Bios Coming Soon!)

Ok, not listed above? Well, you can still be a leader of the AUAB! We always invite students to get involved in planning workshops and events, participating in putting together the first edition of our undergraduate journal, In Situ, and guiding the future of the AUAB. Involvement in the AUAB is a great way to get to know the wonderful students, professors and staff of the Anthropology Department, and to prepare to run for elections next semester.

AUAB committee proposals are now being accepted. Interested in holding an Anthro - themed film series? Leading a fieldtrip to New York? Contact Benjamin Laitman (laitman at sas dot upenn dot edu) with your ideas.

Also, the AUAB is still looking for 2 underclassmen Members at Large to serve as liaisons between the AUAB and the underclassmen plebeians (just kidding! but seriously - be a liaison!). If you are interested in this position, please contact the new Chair (see above).

Finally, thank you to last year's AUAB for your involvement. We wish all you seniors the very best next semester and beyond!


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