Monday, October 6, 2008

Attention Senior Thesis Writers!

Dear Thesis Writers,

So, you are the oh-so-fortunate ones!

The AUAB is kicking off a series of meetings for seniors writing theses - academic workshops and a few social events - to take place throughout the remainder of the semester and continuing next semester. This is an opportunity for us to bring the challenges and delights of thesis research and writing into dialogue and to invite professors to hang out with us and share some advice and commiseration.


On Thursday, Oct 16 we will meet for the first time, Museum location TBA, at 4 PM.

If you have not done so already, please email Serena (serena1230 at gmail dot com) with your name and contact info. If you have a time conflict, please email Serena, as well.

For our first meeting, we will start out by introducing ourselves and our projects . We are all probably at slightly different spots in our projects. Depending on their availability, Dr. Petryna and Dr. Barg will be present to offer guidance and to begin talking about data management for notes and bibs, and research reading strategies. We will then figure out when we want to meet during the rest of the semester, what topics we would like addressed, and perhaps if we would like to break off into smaller groups for several sessions based on the relatedness of our topics or methodologies.

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